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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Local Media #fail

On Thursday Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party, won the election in the Brighton Pavilion constituency, becoming the first British Green MP.

Duly reported by the Malvern Gazette as "Greens win historic first seat", and in the Worcester News as "Greens win historic first seat".

BBC Hereford and Worcester failed to do any better.

"Why should they?", I hear you all cry in unison.

Well, here's a hint, I had to edit the Malvern St James Wikipedia entry to reflect the election results.

Yes folks, Caroline Lucas was born and educated in Malvern.

Our local media is full of banal stories about locals and former-locals making and doing good, but this time, they completely failed, preferring to merely regurgitate the Press Association's stories.

A hint to the Beeb and NewsQuest hacks in Hylton Road. Always look for a local angle, you might be surprised at what you find (after a ten second Google search).

You're worse than useless.

Postcript, May 12th:

"A Worcestershire-born politician will make history today when she's sworn in as the Country's first Green MP. Caroline Lucas, ...." reported BBC Hereford and Worcester news this morning. Well done!

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