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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Mourning Walk

Tamarisk blossom, a steady breeze,
Pollen in the air making me sneeze,
Sound of water splashing against the lock,
Several boats sitting in dry dock,
A couple of crows circling above,
And I'm here without you, my love

Trees creaking in the wind, a floating log,
In the distance, the bark of a dog,
The babble of a brook as it nears its end,
A clump of daffodils when I round a bend,
The chirping of sparrows fills the air,
Oh how I wish that you were here

Silt on the path, shoes covered in mud,
Remnants of last week's flood,
A butterfly flutters in front of me,
I marvel at all that I see,
A group of walkers ahead on the track,
But it's your presence, my darling, that I lack

Written during a stroll alongside the river Severn. The sneezes and daffodils are imaginary; the other impressions are not. My humblest apologies for the bad pun in the title.

Copyright © 2005 Phil Randal
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