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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Good Grief Google's Geographers!

At first glance, the new UK version of Google Maps is impressive. But it needs some improvement. I've found a few oddities so far.

First off, try entering a real address, like "123 Smith Street". It can't handle house numbers, alas, unlike its competitors, and fails to do the obvious, which would be to ignore the number and search for the rest of the address. Zero marks for this Google, that one was elementary.

Secondly, the Geographic information isn't that good. The street I live in just doesn't exist, according to Google Maps, and when I enter my postcode it insists that I live in a county which ceased to exist over 7 years ago.

Thirdly, it's not too clever when you have a road named the same as the suburb it is in. For example, in London, N10, there's a road named "Muswell Hill" in (funnily enough) Muswell Hill, but can I tell Google Maps to find it? The obvious "Muswell Hill, Muswell Hill" fails to do the right thing.

Apart from these niggles, it's not too bad, and the companion Google UK Local site is a joy to use.
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