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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The British Goverment published their long-awaited Energy Review today, and it was full of non-surprises.

Much nonsense is said about Nuclear Power as a solution to the UK energy crisis (and crisis it is, having squandered our North Sea oil and gas reserves).

Jason Godesky has blogged far more eloquently about the nuclear power delusion than I ever could.

Please read and comprehend the Oxford Research Group's factsheets, especially Number 4. Known Uranium reserves will last less than 30 years at current levels of consumption. But if we embarked on a massive global programme of nuclear expansion, demand for uranium would grow exponentially. Triple the amount of nuclear capacity and the supplies dwindle to a decade's worth.

Nuclear's a non-starter, folks, and it's time we all realised it. We'll be pouring oil down the drain building these new nuclear power stations. There are better, wiser uses for the oil that's left.

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