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Friday, August 11, 2006

Active Virus Shield

AOL is widely regarded as an evil empire, second only to Microsoft, but this week they redeemed themselves somewhat by releasing a free Windows antivirus program, Active Virus Shield, based on Kapersky Labs' Personal Antivirus.

I've given it a whirl here and so far I'm impressed. Kapersky's Virus scanning engine is one of the best, and they are renowned for the speed of their responses to new malware. So far I'm seeing several pattern updates a day, which is what I'd expect from any proper antivirus vendor.

It's staying on my PC for a while. It may yet replace Alwil's Avast! here, but I have a certain irrational fondness for products whose support forums give the users direct contact with the developers.

Postscript, September 5th

Independent research confirms Active Virus Shield as being one of the best antivirus products. There's commentary and discussion over at cybernetnews.com.

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