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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Afterlife, the award-winning1 ITV series about a troubled psychic medium starring Lesley Sharp and Andrew Lincoln, is back on our TV screens this autumn. Thank god I was persuaded to watch it the first time round. I expected typical ITV rubbish, but Steve Volk's scripts were intelligent, and Lesley Sharp's acting was out of this world (not to mention otherworldly). It's in a completely different class to American TV's Medium.

It repeats on ITV3 next week, every evening from Sunday September 10th till Friday the 15th at 10pm.

Series 2 starts on ITV on Saturday, September 16th, at 9pm.

The special "Behind the Scenes" programme will be screened on ITV3 the same evening at 10pm.

The DVD of Afterlife Series 2 will be available from Boxing Day (December 26th). Series 1 and 2 boxed set will be released on the same day, according to amazon.co.uk.

Don't miss it.

Steve Volk has the details on his discussion forum.

There's a forum for fans over here.

Postscript, Sept 16th

Hats off to ITV's advertising bods, the "Soul Finders" ads in the national press are brilliant.

1: Lesley Sharp: Best Actress, Royal Television Society Awards, 2006; Best Drama Actress, Monte Carlo TV Awards, 2006

Murray Ferguson: Best European drama producer, Monte Carlo TV Awards

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