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Saturday, July 05, 2008

150 Barrels

I was listening to Jason Bradford interviewing The Oil Drum's Nate Hagens on the Reality Report the other day, and one thing Nate said stuck in my head.

Exploitable oil reserves in the ground amount to about 150 barrels for every man, woman, and child now living and all their future descendants.

So, simple arithmetic tells us that if we all fueled our oil addictions by using a mere 5 gallons a week, it would all be gone in 20 years.

Not to mention the untold damage that would do to our planet's ecosystems and climate.

Which leads to the big question:

How much should we consume now and how much should we leave for future generations?

And the other big question:

Why is the above question so completely taboo and unthinkable that it is never ever aired (except by quirky folk like Nate and myself)?

Addendum, June 2014

A handy graph from Planet 3

Which is from Lars Boelen's World Energy Outlook 2013 – What it doesn’t say

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